Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Joy of Books

I love ebooks and audiobooks these days. It's just so much easier to not have to carry around a bunch of heavy books. However, as this video shows... there really is nothing like a REAL book. Enjoy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Museums-A-Minute - A Stellar LibGuide

Check out this great LibGuide: Museums-A-Minute. Okay, now here's the back story:

The Office of Commonwealth Libraries, within the Pennsylvania Department of Education has made it possible for many libraries thoughout the state to have access to LibGuides. Penny Talbert, Executive Director of the Ephrata Public Library, received training from the state to teach us here in our Library System how to use LibGuides. I assisted her with her training back in December and LOVE the product. I've viewed many of them over the last few years (Buffy Hamilton is a champion of them), but had never had the opportunity to build my own.

I'm playing with one of my own right now, but it's not ready for public consumption. However, Keith Greenawalt, Public Services Manager at Ephrata Public Library has created a BEAUTIFUL LibGuide called Museums-A-Minute for a program he will be doing in March. It is a collection of museums and historic sites that are within 2 hours of Ephrata. He includes a brief description and contact information for each museum. Plus, they are broken into categories only a librarian could design so beautifully. He also includes information on each of the museum pass partners in our Library System.

Thank you Keith for putting together this wonderful resource that will benefit many in our county and beyond! Plus, Keith has the BEST profile pic ever... as I said in my comment on the site:

"I have to say your profile pic is priceless. At first I was like, why is Abe his face and then there you are at the bottom with the best angle and expression... just made me laugh and feel joy about history at the same time. That's pretty phenomenal since I don't click well with history! Well done!"

Now that should make you want to take a look if nothing else...