Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Free Library Career Portal

Think of LISjobs.com as monster.com for librarians.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Webinar with Stephen Abrams

This is definitely worth your while if you can make it:

You are invited to attend the first SirsiDynix Institute webinar of the new year on Thursday, January 31, 2008 at 11 a.m. EST.

Please follow the link to register for next Thursday's webinar:


January 31, 2008 - 11 a.m. EST
Stephen Abram
SirsiDynix VP of Innovation

Twenty Five Technologies to Watch and How

Can our libraries be more open? Can we be more open to our users, our communities, to new technologies? Can we be more open to change? How? Are there technologies that we should be trying and piloting to see if they improve the library's mandate? Whihc ones are worth investigating? What are the emerging learning technologies? Are there different ways to build community or to attract new community segments? What about books, book clubs and recommending recreational reading? What about some of our other entertainment missions such as video and gaming? Stephen Abram is an inveterate library watcher and strategic technology reviewer. in this session he shares the top 25 technologies that we should think about 'playing' with and finding a way to make our libraries more open to our learning communities and neighbourhoods. He'll end with five suggestions to have fun with change and technology adoption.

Stephen Abram, MLS, is President 2008 of SLA and the past-President of the Canadian and Ontario Library Associations. He is Vice President Innovation for SirsiDynix and Chief Strategist for the SirsiDynix Institute. Stephen was listed by Library Journal as one of the top 50 people influencing the future of libraries. He has received numerous honours and speaks regularly internationally. His columns appear in Information Outlook and Multimedia and Internet @ Schools, and SirsiDynix OneSource and he is the author of ALA Editions bestselling' Out Front with Stephen Abram.

Register today to receive your webinar log in information and hear Stephen's thoughts on the 25 technologies to watch next Thursday!

Melanie Sollid
Programs Manager, Marketing
101 Washington Street, S.E.
Huntsville, AL 35801-4827
Phone: 256-704-7127 Fax: 256-704-7007

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Library of Congress is Flickring!

From my PALINET newsletter today I find out the Library of Congress has gone 2.0. Check it out, they are sharing photos from their collection on Flickr. They are inviting the public to help identify and tag the subjects. To see more than 3,000 photos from two of their most popular collections, click here. Read their profile here as proof that this IS the Library of Congress!

Friday, January 18, 2008

THIS is a Web2.0 Library Website

Michael Stephens posted this new screen shot to his flickr account that as commenter Helene Blowers states beautifully "it screams community!" This is the ESC Lille Library in France. Go check it out - you don't have to read French to get the Web2.0-ness of this impressive site.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moores Memorial Library goes Web2.0!

Claudia Roun told me today that she was inspired by the presentation at the System Annual Meeting and has placed the del.icio.us link (http://del.icio.us/wowweb2.0) on the staff computer. She's asked her folks to check it out during the occasional "lulls". This is a great start! Thanks Claudia and the staff at Christiana.

So, what is YOUR library doing... leave a comment and let us know!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Web2.0 - Wow!

The annual system board meeting was held on Tuesday 1/15/08. It was a great turnout.

Congratulations to the new system board officers:
President: Bud Rettew
Vice Pres: Glenn Landis
Secretary: Kay Rohrer
Treasurer: Greg Diehl

Also, congratulations to the Trustees of the Year: C. John Bryer, VMD and Robert Gingher (both past presidents of Pequea Valley Library).

AND a big congrats to Jennifer Raimo, Director of Ephrata Public Library for receiving the Staff Recognition Award! She is retiring and will be missed.

Bill Hudson (Deputy Administrator and Manager of IT here at the System) and I gave a presentation titled Web2.0 - Wow!. You can find the presentation here and all of the links referred to in the presentation here. Be sure to check it out! I was very excited to finally be able to share all of the exciting possibilities out there of using Web2.0 to promote your library. Hope to be hearing from many of you as you put these ideas into practice!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Midieval Helpdesk

From my Palinet newsletter today, a hilarious video that compares today's helpdesk questions to those from midieval times. This depicts the huge move from the scroll to the book. Enjoy...

Friday, January 4, 2008

1st Quarter 2008 Training

(NOTE: These links will only work in a library)
Happy New Year! With a new year comes a new way of training. Please check out the LILLY – Next Generation WIKI for all the training information you need. The schedule is now online and all registrations are also to be done online.

See general information (including how to register online) and all of the class descriptions (be sure to see the new Database and Health Information classes) here

See an explanation of changes to the training program here.

Like the old PDF versions of the schedule? Find them here (but you still need to register online):

Feel free to comment on these WIKI pages. If you’ve been to one of the classes, put some feedback on the page to share your experience and help others decide if they would like to take the class or not. Learn more about leaving comments or just give me feedback in general by going to this page.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.