Friday, January 4, 2008

1st Quarter 2008 Training

(NOTE: These links will only work in a library)
Happy New Year! With a new year comes a new way of training. Please check out the LILLY – Next Generation WIKI for all the training information you need. The schedule is now online and all registrations are also to be done online.

See general information (including how to register online) and all of the class descriptions (be sure to see the new Database and Health Information classes) here

See an explanation of changes to the training program here.

Like the old PDF versions of the schedule? Find them here (but you still need to register online):

Feel free to comment on these WIKI pages. If you’ve been to one of the classes, put some feedback on the page to share your experience and help others decide if they would like to take the class or not. Learn more about leaving comments or just give me feedback in general by going to this page.

As always, feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Lori Reed said...

This is cute! I see you are having the same problem we are having with sign ups for training. We need to chat!

Stephanie Zimmerman said...

So far this is working pretty well and giving me more opportunities to do one-on-one and customized presentations. Yes, I keep saying I should call you. I was most impressed with some of your stuff I came across in putting a presentation together. Used a lot of Helene Blowers stuff too!