Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Library Extension

Perhaps I'm arriving late to the party on this one.  Does anyone remember the LibraryLookup bookmarklet from Jon Udell? This began way back in December of 2002 and was a bit of work to set up, but was amazingly cool at the time.  I think it still works.

Well, if you liked that, you are going to LOVE the Library Extension from Google Chrome.  You must use it in the Chrome browser.  It's so easy to install.  Once you have done so and choose your library, you're done.

"As you browse book and e-book titles on, the Library Extension checks your library's online catalog and displays the availability of that title. If the book is available, you'll see the details on the right on the page, instantly, with a quick link to your library!"

The results show in the top right side of the WebPage.  So don't search in Amazon AND your catalog.  Do it all at once with Chrome's Library Extension.  You'll be glad you did!

Free Continuing Ed Opportunities

I used to try and maintain a Google Calendar where I would input all of the free or cheap Webinars and other Continuing Ed opportunities around the globe.  But the upkeep was just too much (much like keeping up with blogging...).  Well, a big THANK YOU to Jamie Markus, Library Development Manager for the Wyoming State Library for creating a wonderful monthly list.  And another THANK YOU to WebJunction for seeing its worth and posting it monthly to their site

Now, if there were just some way to turn this into an RSS feed...

Friday, January 4, 2013

Big Talk from Small Libraries

Hooray!  The Nebraska Library Commission and the Association for Rural & Small Libraries is bringing back the Big Talk from Small Libraries online conference again this year.  It will take place from 9:45am to 6:00pm EST on Thursday 2/28/13.

"Topics range from technology (new tech and old tech) to programming to partnering with your community. Come for the programs on what you’re dealing with now or maybe try something new.

Everyone is welcome to register and attend, regardless of how big or small their library is, but if your library serves a few thousand people, or a few hundred, this is the day for you."

I'm registered and can't wait to see what the final schedule of presentations will be.  There's still time to submit a proposal if you want to present.

Tech-Savvy Staff

I was honored to co-present a TechSoup Webinar with Penny Talbert, director of the Ephrata Public Library on Tuesday 12/4/12.  Back in October of 2012, I was contacted by Brenda Hough from TechSoup to see if  I would be interested in presenting a Webinar based on Benchmark 11, “Libraries have sufficient staff with technology expertise to help patrons achieve their goals” of the Edge Initiative Benchmarks).  I was very excited to be asked as I am quite a fan of TechSoup, and was racking my brain for a good way to present on this based on my experiences over the years.  Then it hit me – Ephrata’s Competency Program hits the nail right on the head for this.  So I asked Penny if she would be willing to share what she is doing with the rest of the world via this Webinar and she agreed.  This turned out to be one of the highest attended Webinars of all time for TechSoup and the feedback was very positive.  Penny has been contacted by people all over the country and beyond to share what she is doing.  Be sure to check out the archive and other information on the techsoup for libraries blog post.