Monday, February 4, 2008

Simple Explanation of RSS

I've become quite a fan of Howard Rheingold. I ran across his sites when getting my Web2.0 presentation together. He puts out a great vlog you can find here. Be sure to check out his first video and others, but today I want to focus on his second one - Introduction to RSS. He does an EXCELLENT job of describing what RSS is all about. I sure hope you will watch this and start using RSS. I truly believe any professional needs to continue their education in this manner. You will always find a Bloglines tab open in my browser. After you watch his video, you will realize this is not just about fun and play, it's about education!! Be sure to subscribe to HIS RSS feed after learning about how to do just that in the video.


Carolyn Blatchley, MLIS said...

This is a hoot! In the last hour I sent out information to our teen librarians on subscribing to feeds (one of my favorites is from CommonCraft), and then I opened your blog entry to find this. It's really great - thanks for sharing.

Stephanie Zimmerman said...

I love CommonCraft too! Good to hear from you.