Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Amazing Finds

Just some tidbits I have been saving up that are really quite amazing...

First, flying penguins are caught on film for the first time ever!

A new Google Search tool can see into the future.

TODAY only, you will find a special video when clicking any featured video in the list on YouTube. Be sure to check it out! (Do you know the meaning of rickroll?)

Be sure to check out the Election Deathmatch Coverage.

Finally, a Betamax to HD-DVD converter, something I've been waiting for for years.

Google and Virgin Media have joined forces with Vir-gle. You can now join the ranks of those planning to travel to Mars. I will definitely be one of the first to add my name!

Lastly, be on time everytime with Google Custom Time. This will really come in handy!

A special thank you to this site for sharing all of this breaking news with me!

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