Monday, October 13, 2008

Middleburgh Library is so 2.0

I love seeing libraries use the full potential of Web2.0. Middleburgh Library in New York is a prime example. They are using a Blogger blog as their home page. They used slide to create a virtual tour and they have created a New Books widget using AdaptiveBlue's Widget Gallery. They created a site using Google Pages (looks like you have to use Google Sites from now on) for their Online Research and other links on the top right of their site. Their Teen Lounge and Kid's Corner links are separate blogs with styles for those audiences. Each of those blogs have tons of cool Web2.0-ey stuff. Their Instant Help link brings you to a Meebo widget for live chatting - love it! I bet they have spent very little to no money on all of this. It's visually so appealing and easy to navigate. What a shining example!


Middleburgh Library said...

Thanks for the kind words. BTW - we didn't spend a dime!

Stephanie Zimmerman said...

I figured - great work!