Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Senator Brubaker Visits the Libraries

Watch PA State Senator Mike Brubaker's latest "A Conversation with Senator Brubaker" Cable Television show. You will need Windows Media Player to see the show.

In the half hour show he gets a tour of the Eastern Lancaster County Library from director, Donna Brice. We get to see the dynamic Heather Smith during story time also.

Next, he tours the Litiz Public Library with director, Susan Tennant. I like the smiles from the staff at the circ desk as they walk by. But the best is meeting the young 7 year old boy who is told by Senator Brubaker that he is the Senator's boss. The Senator says "Did you know that you're my boss?" and the boy answers "I am?". And the Senator states "...I work for you". He then pulls out his card and hands it to the boy telling him to give him a call when he needs him. The boy looks at the card and says "You're Senator Mike!". How adorable.

Then he interviews Library System Administrator, Susan Hauer who explains the difference between the System and the individual libraries.

Favorite quote from the Senator during the show... "Libraries are not an optional service, but an essential service".

I wasn't planning on watching the whole video, but it drew me in and left a warm feeling in my heart for the wonderful libraries we have here in Lancaster County. In these trying financial times, I think it is truly amazing how the System and the libraries are working together to keep the doors open and the programs coming despite drastic cuts.

Thanks Senator Brubaker for your support!

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