Friday, January 8, 2010

A Get to Know Me Meme from TIFT

I contribute regularly to the T is for Training podcast (note widget in sidebar). Our fearless leader, Maurice Coleman, has challenged us to answer the following 27 questions in ONE SENTENCE. If you know me, then you KNOW this is a huge challenge for me. I mean, c'mon!? One sentence? Here goes (answers in bold)...

1) Your One Sentence Bio
A surrendering to something greater than myself mother and wife who likes to sing and is a training coordinator for a public library system.

2) Do you blog? If yes, how did you come up with your blog name?
Yes. I always warn the library-types I train that I am NOT a creative-type; I'm more of a math/science-type, and I don't come up with very original stuff; hence, the name of this blog...

3) What is your professional background?
I have a BA in Social Work with a minor in Spanish and I almost finished a tech degree in Computer Information Systems. See question 21 for more details.

4) What training do you do? staff? patrons? types of classes?
Strictly staff/volunteers. Millennium ILS, Microsoft Office, Social Media, and anything else staff/volunteers need to use a computer for in our libraries.

5) What training do you think is most important to libraries right now
How to do advocacy well - something I know nothing about but can see is desperately needed.

6) Where do you get your training?
I LOVE webinars, especially the free variety as that works well with my current budget.

7) How do you keep up?
If only I could! I do my best through RSS (just made the switch from Bloglines to Google Reader last week and LOVE it), tweets, Facebook, Friendfeed, podcasts, video, flickr, etc.

8) What do you think are the biggest challenges libraries are facing right now?
Funding, funding, oh, and funding!

9) What are biggest challenges for trainers?
For underfunded and understaffed libraries to see the value of time/cost needed for training.

10) What exciting things are you doing training wise?
Currently working on being able to offer some e-learning Microsoft tutorials through CustomGuide.

11) What do you wish were you doing?
Wish I were home with my 2 beautiful girls. For a more work-related answer, I wish I could be training the public; the patrons, on all things technology with a focus on social media.

12) What would you do with a badger?
Stand at least twenty feet away from it. Wait, make that thirty feet.

13) What's your favorite food?
Teff, an amazing Ethiopian grain. I gave up all forms of sugar, wheat and flour over 9 years ago and have discovered so many amazing foods.

14) If you were stranded on an island, what one thing would you want to have with you?
My family.

15) Do you know what happens when a grasshopper kicks all the seeds out of a pickle?
It's left with a seedless pickle.

16) Post it notes or the back of your hand?
Post it notes - everywhere...

17) Windows or Mac?
Windows, but wish I weren't.

18) Talk about one training moment you'd like to forget?
I had a training while working in private industry where we were shoved in a room big enough to hold a small round table and I had to train the president, vp and 2 other high ranking people (usually the hardest types to train as they usually have other people do everything for them) for 2 straight days; agony!

19) What's your take on handshakes?
They are a necessary evil.

20) Global warming: yes or no
I'm afraid the answer is... yes.

21) How did you get into this line of work?
Feel free to read the twisted tale here.

22) What is the best part of your job?
Watching someones eyes grow big and hear them let out an "oooh" or an "ahhh" when they learn how to do something really cool or something that will save them TONS of time on a computer.

23) Why should someone else follow in your shoes?
I have to agree with Peter here and suggest people find their own pair of shoes.

24) Sushi or hamburger?
Neither thank you. Refer to question 13.

25) LSW or ALA?
LSW, it's hip, it's what I can afford, and it allows me to wear a cape when I'm in the mood.

26) What one person in the world do you want to have lunch with and why?
Mary, the mother of God, to ask her how she survived motherhood and how to cultivate unconditional love and acceptance.

27) What cell phone do you have and why?
A Motorola E815 I got over 5 years ago because it still works, I only use it for telephone calls, and I'm too broke to afford a data plan.

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