Friday, March 26, 2010

Last week I followed along through the social web as Charlotte Mecklenburg Library held a board meeting to discuss closing branches and laying off over 100 employees. My good friend and fellow library trainer Lori Reed works there.

Now, she, Heather Braum, and many others have decided to take action by setting up Read all about it in her latest post. You can also become a fan on Facebook.

Here's the message from the site and fan page:

"Our slogan is, “When one library is in trouble, ALL libraries are in trouble.” There is a trend happening in this country and it’s one as a society that we should be appalled at. Our libraries represent the freedom and democracy that our country was founded on. Can you think of another place where all are welcome? No matter what your color, religion, or economic status the library is there with open doors.

However when libraries close and communities accept library closings as “the new normal,” then all libraries are in trouble. Other states, other communities, and other politicians are going to get the message that it’s ok. If it was ok for _____________ to close it’s libraries, then it’s ok here.

Well here’s a message. It’s not ok! Especially now. Communities need their libraries more than ever. I realize that we are in a recession. I get that state and local governments are out of money. But as library professionals, it is up to us to come up with a solution. Be a part of the solution!"

Now go show your support with a Twibbon!

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Mary Ann Heltshe-Steinhauer said...

As the saying goes..."United we stand and divided we fall" holds true with libraries in all communities across the nation. Thanks for sharing an advocacy message that resonates beyond state lines.