Monday, July 12, 2010

Great Article in the Philadelphia Inquirer

I know I'm preaching to the choir when sharing this type of information... but PLEASE share this article with those NOT in the know about what's happening to our nation's libraries. Marilyn Johnson has written a beautiful article that says so much in such a brief article. Take the time to read it and pass it on.

Here are a few golden nuggets...
...if you visit public libraries, you will see an essential service in action. Librarians help people who don't have other ways to get online, can't get the answers they urgently need, or simply need a safe place to bring their children.

The people who welcome us to the library are idealists who believe that accurate information leads to good decisions, and that exposure to the intellectual riches of civilization leads to a better world

While they help us get online, employed, and informed, librarians don't try to sell us anything. Nor do they broadcast our problems, send us spam, or keep a record of our interests and needs, because no matter how savvy this profession is at navigating the online world, it clings to that old-fashioned value: privacy. They represent the best civic value out there - an army of resourceful workers that can help us compete in the world.

Communities that support their libraries will have an undeniable competitive advantage.

...those who own computers or have high-speed Internet service and on-call technical assistance, will not notice the effects of a diminished public library system - not at first. Whizzes who can whittle down 15 million hits on a Google search to find the useful and accurate bits of info, and those able to buy any book or article or film they want, will escape the immediate consequences of these cuts. Those in cities that haven't preserved their libraries, those less fortunate and baffled by technology, and our children will be the first to suffer.

Thanks to Margie Perella from the Pequea Valley Public Library for pointing me to this great article. Now go share it!

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