Friday, March 22, 2013 and

As Jamie Hollier of states in the site's first blog post:

"One in five Americans don’t use the internet, which means it will take longer for them to find a job, they have limited access to educational attainment, and they are more isolated, among other issues. Many organizations are working to decrease the digital divide and increase inclusion in our digital communities."

So and the Public Library Association have put together the beginnings of a site that looks so clean and simple.  What I love is that they have released it before it is completed.  The target date is in June 2013.  But Jamie states it will never be finished because technology and learning technology will never be finished.  Sometimes I feel the speed at which it advances will rip my head clean off!

I encourage you to check out this great resource and share it with others.

It's being featured on another great site called EveryonOn which is powered by Connect2Compete which I've discussed beforeGCFLearnFree is another site it features which I've raved about for years now.

Become familiar with these sites because you do not need to reinvent the wonderful online training these links can provide.  Just direct people to them - and do it often!

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