Thursday, June 26, 2008

ALA 2008 - Virtual Library 2.0 Cafe Webinar on Saturday

I will actually be in Anaheim CA for ALA on Saturday... virtually that is. The great folks at WebJunction were kind enough to ask me to help by being one of the table hosts for their Library 2.0 Cafe. I was sad to tell them I could not do so as I was not going to ALA. But then, they asked if I'd be willing to help them out virtually. How cool!

Read the WHOLE post all about how this will work on BlogJunction. I really think this is going to be an exciting experiment and I hope some of you can join in. I will be helping out in the Wimba Classroom by moderating and facilitating all the chat coming in.

They put together a nice menu and glossary you should check out. Also, their wiki has the coolest stuff. My favorite, a link to Web2.0 Top 100 resources which is awesome!

Okay, last thing... I stumbled on something called Wordle today which is "a toy for generating word clouds from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text." So, to give you some eye candy to bring you virtually to this Cafe with me, I took the glossary mentioned above and put all the text from it into their generator. Here is a "picture" of what will be discussed at this cafe (click it to see a larger version). Now come on - you DON'T want to miss this...

"See" you there!


Tim K said...

Excellent, Stephanie. I'm digging the Wordle thing. Thanks for agreeing to be a part of this "experiment."

Mary Ann H-S said...

This is way cool, Stephanie!
By having the Library Cafe 2.0 virtual forum, we can experience how this new technology makes the "impossible" now possible.

How can your library
apply 2.0 concepts and
tools in a relevant way to
engage your community?

There are thousands of people---particularly the younger generation-- who navigate the online environment for their information needs. Libraries, to be relevant in the 21st century, need to leverage interactive tech tools to attract this population.
And for those who aren't as facile with Web 2.0, we can extend an invitation to Rediscover Your Library!

Thanks for getting your message out there...
Mary Ann

Marianne said...

Hoping I can be there, but would have to break a promise to the kids. Ah, well...there will be an archive, right?

Stephanie Zimmerman said...

So I'm logged in to the conference now and waiting to see how this all goes. Thanks for the comments. Tim, you gotta play with Wordle, it's too cool. Thanks for the positive reinforcement Mary Ann. And I'm assuming there will be an archive Marianne, don't break a promise to the kids!! Okay, off I go to get a cyber tan as one person asked me if they would get one if they came LOL.