Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tag Galaxy

Go over and take a look at the Tag Galaxy... it's okay, I'll wait.

Isn't that AMAZING? I typed in the word "library" and related tags came floating by like planets orbiting the main tag. When I hovered my mouse over the main planet (tag=library)it told me 303,215 photos were available. This all comes from flickr tags. So I refined my search by clicking the related tags. So then I clicked on the "public" related tag. 26,566 photos are available for the "library + public" tag. I kept refining and ended up with "library + public + architecture + building + city + downtown" and ended up with 37 photos. These pop up around the planet and then I could click on each one - eventually it gives me a link to that flickr page. This is a beautiful interface. I wish they provided a link to explain who did this and how it works. What a cool way to search for flickr photos!

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