Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration and Social Media

Wow, to be a part of history today in such a unique way was truly amazing. It really doesn't matter what my or your political affiliation is, today - history was made. Not only the appointment of an African American president, but the way in which we all had so many options to watch the history unfold. CNN paired up with Facebook and did an AMAZING job of bringing millions together virtually. I was part of a "crowd" without freezing to death :-)
Here are some screen shots of the event. Notice my direct feed from Facebook on the right side and all of the conversation going on - it was truly a NEW experience for me:
The Crowd (WOW):
The Carters:

The First Bushs:

The Clintons:

The "Current" Bush:

New VP Biden:

The Obama Kids:

First Lady Michelle:

Our New President: Barack Obama


Nikki said...

I'm glad to see a post about this. I also logged on to check this out yesterday and although my feed was having some issues I really liked the ability to see what everyone was thinking while it happened. Thumbs up!

Stephanie Zimmerman said...

Thanks Nikki - I thought it was so amazing to really feel like my online friends and I were right there and that we could talk about it as it happened live. Amazing!