Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blogathon for LFPL - I Need Your FEEDBACK!

I recently posted about the flood at the Louisville Free Public Library. Andy Woodworth of the Burlington County Library System in New Jersey is organizing a blogathon for the LFPL. See more information about it at the wiki he set up or on his blog.

I have signed up to participate in this blogathon and today I found a great way to do so. With permission, I am totally copying Amy Kearns idea from the Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative Blog.

The theme of the blogathon is "Why Libraries Rock" (well that's the PG version, see the wiki for the true theme...) Rather than just hear my own take on why libraries rock, I'd love for the readers of the blog (and that can be anyone, anywhere!) to leave a comment below sharing why YOU feel libraries rock. I'll add my thoughts and all of your contributions into the post for Monday August 31st (blogathon date). It can be one word, a sentence, a paragraph, whatever moves you.

Thanks for pitching in and I look forward to reading your comments!

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