Thursday, August 20, 2009

Save POWER Library

Glenn Miller, Executive Director of PaLA sent out a note to the PASYS listserv. I am recopying it here and urge everyone to follow these steps. Note I have added this to the top right side of this blog and my emails have been sent. PLEASE click the link and do the same!

"Good afternoon, library supporters.

Pennsylvania’s library community has done a superb advocacy job throughout this ongoing state budget crisis. Our challenge now is to keep up the pressure and broaden our reach.

While much of our energy has focused on the Public Library Subsidy, other important library programs such as POWER Library, the Access PA Database, and Ask Here PA, are under attack, too, and may face elimination unless we raise a ruckus.

PaLA has launched a new email advocacy tool in support of POWER Library. You can help spread the word and educate your POWER Library users that the service may be eliminated unless we speak up forcefully.

Please help save POWER Library. By adding the following link to your website you can help your users contact their State Senator, State Representative, and Governor Rendell with a clearly worded message in support of POWER Library. We encourage all library websites to join in this statewide effort.

If you are able to help, please forward the following instructions to the person(s) responsible for maintaining your website. They can easily copy and paste this sample HTML code.

1. Near your POWER Library icon on your website, add some text such as "ALERT – Online Services of the POWER Library to End: Take Action!"

2. Hyperlink the text to

Thank you for assisting with this and helping to save POWER Library. Our plan is to expand this advocacy service soon to include other library programs in jeopardy. Stayed tuned!


Glenn R. Miller
Executive Director
Pennsylvania Library Association
220 Cumberland Parkway, Suite 10
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17055"

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