Monday, February 28, 2011

OverDrive Video Tutorials from KCLS

From the ALA Learning Blog's 2/24/11 post titled: "Video Tutorials for Downloading eBooks From OverDrive"...

"The King County Library System has created a video tutorial to walk users through the process of downloading Adobe Digital Editions and transferring a title to their device. This is useful for staff to familiarize themselves with the process and patrons who can watch the video repeatedly until they successfully download a book on their machine.

Patrons can also watch video tutorials on downloading to Apple and Android portable devices or using NetLibrary. These can be found on the KCLS YouTube channel playlist Using the Library".

This is a great way to SEE how OverDrive works. KCLS has done a great job putting these together. For readers from the Library System of Lancaster County, be sure to check out the page I put together on LILLY where you can watch all of the videos.

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