Monday, August 22, 2011

Board Game Representation of using eBooks on OverDrive

Thanks to Craig Haggit, Adult Services Librarian at the Lancaster Public Library for sharing this Prezi presentation with me.

Lisa Bunker, a librarian at Pima County Public Library in Tucson AZ, posted this creative Prezi Presentation, Dowloading Library eBooks Using OverDrive, using a board game representation of the process. The drawing shows there are many steps involved, but instead of feeling overwhelmed by it all, the child within feels challenged to have fun and win the game! Great stuff.

One note: in our OverDrive interface, we do not offer a 21-day loan period; just 14-day or 7-day. Other than that, everything in this presentation is true for us. Also, for those of you with access to our Intranet, LILLY, I posted this to the OverDrive page under the OverDrive Training heading.


Lisa said...

Thanks for your article! This was a group project, and the Prezi was actually the "explanation" part of an online class on eBook downloads. the gameboard was created and drawn by librarian Shawn Flecken, I added the Prezi-text, and the rest of the module was written by librarian Jennifer Caldwell.

Stephanie Zimmerman said...

You're welcome - what an awesome project you all produced!