Thursday, August 18, 2011

Train Your Staff and Patrons with My PC Series

Microsoft has launched a new resource called My PC Series. I attended a Webinar today from TechSoup. I'm sure they will be posting the archive soon. This is a FREE Windows 7 online curriculum to help provide "jargon-free, basic computer training for an adult audience". So, the only catch is you have to be using the Windows 7 operating system for the lessons.

The curriculum consists of ten 1 hour workshops that teach 'getting started' PC topics (Chat with IM, Create a Digital Movie, Digital Camera Tips and Tricks, Pick the Right PC, Start Here with Windows 7, Stay Safe With Windows 7...), four 3 hour workshops (Getting Started with Windows 7, Digital Photo Editing, Creative Slideshow, Connecting with Friends & Family) and a longer 12 hour Intro to Windows 7 course for business and home users. See the Workshop Descriptions Page or the Curriculum Comparison Slide for more information.

All of the materials are already created from Instructor Guides to PowerPoint Presentations to Activity Sheets. Plus there is a Student area of the Website where class resources are posted for students. See this Adoption Checklist to see what to do next to get started. I already downloaded a lot of the materials and will plan on using them as we move into Windows 7.

Did I mention this is all FREE?!! Be sure to check out this great resource.

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Stephanie Zimmerman said...

Note: you have to register first and accept license terms – go to this link to do so Then when you click the Download link you can begin downloading all of the toolkits. Very good stuff!