Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Day in the Life #2

Helloooo Tuesday. This was quite an interesting day. Let's see what I can remember of the day...
  • more email to sift through as usual

  • helped organize some training dates for new staff coming to the Pequea Valley Public Library's new branch, Salisbury Township

  • blocked some dates for a new Branch Manager that will be coming to the Mountville branch of Lancaster Public Library.

  • stayed in for lunch today as Grammy is taking care of my daughter today

  • watched my favorite video blogs during lunch:
    Tekzilla Daily
    Mobuzz TV

  • Also followed an online chat during lunch hour from Philanthropy Today titled "Building Your Online Presence on a Tight Budget". Didn't get to follow it too well and hope to read the transcript at another time.

  • created the survey for the mini-grant being offered by the PA Spanish Outreach mentioned yesterday.

  • received approval for the final version of the ppt we will be using during Friday's web conference and sent it off to the Webjunction folks

  • chatted with Lori Reed about Outlook training

  • figured out I DON'T have to train two different versions of Outlook Web Access - just one! A consultant was in last week and got rid of some legacy stuff so what I was actually seeing was OWA 2003 interface and in reality EVERYONE will now see OWA 2007 interface. Yippee! I'm so glad I hadn't done too much documenting already

Hope you'll stay for the ride for day 3 tomorrow...

1 comment:

Lori Reed said...

Wow you're ahead of us now. When we switch to 2007 I'll know who to go to! ;)

Actually I'm hoping to convince IT to switch to gmail instead of Outlook.