Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vista May Not be as Bad as You Hear

I haven't seen Vista yet except in a few demo videos, but all I've heard is negativity. Michael Sauers pointed me toward this post that referred me to the Mojave Experiment. This is "a focus group effort we initiated a few weeks ago. We interviewed and polled 120 participants in San Francisco, in hopes of better understanding everyday users' perceptions of Windows Vista and seeing whether there really is a gap between perception and reality. We wanted to see how people reacted to Windows Vista when they were not aware they were seeing Windows Vista. We recorded our discussions, and today you can see them for yourself."

Tricky, tricky marketing ploy, but I bet they would have pulled the wool over my eyes too. Makes me pause and think I shouldn't believe all the negative hype until I use the OS myself!

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