Friday, October 19, 2007

Autism Speaks Videos

Found this post on MOMformation today. I think it is quite relevant to our One Book, One Community event.

Copied from the site:

"This week, Autism Speaks and First Signs, Inc. released their Autism Spectrum Disorder Video Glossary, a web-based tool that can help parents identify signs of autism in their children.

The glossary contains more than 100 video clips demonstrating some of the differences between the behaviors of typical kids and kids with ASD. Autism Speaks hopes the glossary will help parents spot red flag ASD behaviors and encourage early treatment of ASD.

It’s really an amazing resource. I can imagine more like it: sites where the signs and symptoms of childhood illnesses, disorders, and diseases are not only described but demonstrated. Tools like this one would make it much easier for parents to decide whether they need to pursue diagnoses for potential health issues in their children.

For additional information about and news coverage of the video glossary, click here and here and here."

The site does require you to register, but it was quite simple and a quick look at the videos looks very good. Be sure to share this resource with your patrons during your OBOC programming.

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