Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Library Champion Lives Here

I received this the other day on the PA: District Library Centers Mailing List. This is such a great idea and obviously did well in this town:

A Library Champion Lives Here” – A library in Louisville decided to give all children who read 10 books a “vote for me” type of sign that says “A Library Champion Lives Here.” The children stuck the sign in their yards. Soon signs were springing up in yards all over town.

One parent decided to take a picture of her child next to the sign in her yard. She submitted the digital photo to the library, so the library put it on their website.

Of course, when other parents saw that, they wanted their child’s picture on the website too. Soon digital pictures kept flooding in to the library. So library staff made a rotating display of all the pictures on their homepage.

Now the website is the favorite destination in town, as all the parents and grandparents all want to see their child’s picture on the web."

Go check it out! Just watch the pictures rotate on the home page.

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