Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nov/Dec 2007 Training Schedule

(NOTE: All links in this post only work from within a library.)

There will be a 2-person minimum requirement for Microsoft courses. If only 1 person registers, the class will be canceled.

Check out the Training schedule for Nov/Dec 2007. It can be found on LILLY's Training Page. You must have Adobe Acrobat Viewer to be able to see the information. Please email the helpdesk if you have any troubles.

You will find the schedule in the Training Descriptions & Schedules section. For full descriptions see the NOV/DEC 2007 Training Schedule. For a quick view of all the classes, see the NOV/DEC 2007 Training At-a-Glance.

This schedule is also available at all times for easy viewing on Calcium’s LSLC TRAINING CALENDAR. Go to http://calendar.lancasterlibraries.org and click the LSLC Training Calendar link (no need to log in first). You’ll see the names of the courses are hyperlinks. Click the links to see descriptions of the courses.

Please be sure to make note of the Prerequisites for the various trainings. This will help you to schedule your training accordingly.

Also, it is very important when people register for trainings that I receive the following information. Many times I just get a name and nothing more which requires a lot of follow-up work. Please help us out by including the following:


In the email, list the following information for the person attending:

  • Name

  • Library

  • Position/Title

  • Phone number (where the person can be reached in case of cancellation)

  • Email address (if they don’t have email, then an address of someone else who can relay information to them)

  • Name of class they wish to attend

  • Date and Time of the class they wish to attend

Note: All of the classes listed will be held at the Library System Office

Check out this link on LILLY to get directions from your library to the System Office: (scroll past the map for links from each library)


CustomGuide E-Learning

Be sure to make use of all of the E-Learning materials available. These are available to help you teach yourself many Microsoft Applications.

E-Books available at These books open in PDF Viewer and go along with the E-Learning or can be used as self-study. Be sure to request a Practice Files CD to go along with the E-Books.

Office Clues available at Here you will find useful tips, articles and tutorials on the main Microsoft Office Applications (Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word). This is updated each month.

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