Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Go Get Your Media Wall - Today!

John Ditmore, PC Technician Extraordinaire here at the System, sent me a link to an amazing video proving that the future is here. See this video about Jeff Han's media wall.

Upon further research, I found I could go and pick one up for myself at Neiman Marcus.

From the Neiman Marcus site:

"Online Only Media Wall

Creativity is not a static pursuit, and we were never ones to stay in our seats, minding our P's & Q's. Passion, energy, motion—that's what gets us going. Luckily, the future is here with the Interactive Media Wall from Perceptive Pixel.

With an eight-by-three foot screen, the entire wall becomes your canvas, allowing you to navigate, locate, and manipulate information by touching anywhere on the screen. No longer chained to cumbersome physical input devices, your imagination can fly at warp speed in a medium that can easily keep pace. Tap out a sonata with your fingertips, flip through manuscripts with the swipe of your hand, or crop photos with a pinch—it is perfect for grand gestures or the lightest touch.

But don't just take our word for it, view the video here.

Price starting at $100,000.00 (GULP)"

Starting at?!

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